Janowski took down his foil house art installation on July 13. I added two new pictures.

My first impression upon seeing artist Piotr Janowski ‘s aluminum foil house?  I wonder if Mark Kelly can see it from space?

In May, Tampa Bay  media reported  that a Tarpon Springs, FL resident had wrapped his house in aluminum foil. This being Florida, the state known for attracting characters, it was small news.  Still, I had to see the house.

A shiny house stands out in a neighborhood of white block look alikes. The art upset the neighbors. The Tampa Bay Times  story has a tone similar to the classic children’s book Imogene’s Antlers, by David Small — in the story, well meaning towns folks launch a frenzy of “cures”  to rid Imogene of her antlers. Artist Piotr Janowski experienced a similar reaction. Neighbors called code enforcement to remove the unsightly skin, others called an arborist in case the wrapped palm trees might be suffering. Some neighbors speculated on “what-ifs” in threatening tones.  Janowski shrugged indifference (as did Imogene).  Isn’t art supposed to stir up trouble and get people talking? Continue reading