kyle holding pier

Kyle Pierson holding up the Inverted Pyramid Pier.

My casual interest in architecture became a passion when I asked a simple question — Why would the city of St. Petersburg, FL tear down its “iconic” downtown St. Petersburg Municipal Pier? The Bauhaus Brutalist structure was an inverted pyramid situated half a mile over Tampa Bay. Additionally, I asked  what does it mean to replace it with a new iconic structure?  The answers to my questions became so complex they grew into my master’s thesis for the USF St. Petersburg Florida Studies Program. In 2012, the civic debate had just begun, and by the time I finished my research, the controversy  was still making headlines. Finally, in September, 2015,  the city cleared all the legal roadblocks to  demolish the building.  But that didn’t put a stop to my interest. Like any good research project, everything I had learned just led to more lingering questions and fueled my  fascination to learn more about the cultural meaning of iconic architecture,  gardens, sustainability and place as identity. I’m still studying this topic and sharing what I learn here.

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Kyle head brick